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Stop Flea Fiascos!

Fleas & Ticks are Here - How to Figure out What is Best for your Pet

dog and catIt may seem early, but ticks are already out and latching on your pet. Fleas are also coming back into the environment. Both of these parasites carry diseases that are harmful to humans as well as pets. They can be controlled and treated to prevent the problems they carry. The key is to start early in the season and use the products that work best for your pet and your pet’s lifestyle.

There are a lot of products out on the market. In the pet stores you will see different spot on products. Some are effective and safe such as Frontline and Advantage. These 2 products are very safe. They have different and much safer pesticide than the Hartz or Sergeant’s products. These products cost more but are much more effective and safe so they are worth it. 

There are other products available from your veterinarian. There are heartworm/flea/tick combination products such as Revolution. These safe one product protection so they may be easier to remember than multiple products. There are tablet products that are good for dogs sensitive to any spot on liquid. Sentinel which combines flea control and heartworm/intestinal parasite protection is one. Comfortis is a tablet to kill fleas. For some dogs the Preventic collar is best for killing ticks.

It is best to talk to your veterinarian about which product is best for your pet. If you hike at the local state parks or live in the country near tall grasses, good tick control is essential. In my experience, the Preventic collar, or Frontline are the best products to kill ticks and prevent them from biting in this area.

Flea control means preventing flea babies (the larvae and eggs) from developing. This is where your veterinarian can help with choosing a product. In Frontline Plus there is an agent that kills the eggs, in Sentinel there is a product that kills the eggs also, and Revolution also controls the flea eggs preventing them from becoming adult fleas. 

Home and yard treatment is also important. The products you use need to have Insect Growth Regulators (IGR) in them. The home treatment products available at your veterinarian or through a professional exterminator will contain the IGR. The IGR will kill the eggs and prevent the larvae from becoming adults also.

Even house bound pets can pick up fleas and ticks. Often we carry them in on our bodies or clothing without realizing it. The pets are a closer, easier animal to feed from so they become bitten before us.

For more flea and tick information visit our website. The pet library is a good place to read up in more detail about how fleas can be controlled and prevented. 

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