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Shoot Heartworms with a Shot



Parvo is Still Around - Protect your Dog
Top 7 Things to do for Storm Settling and Safety

Shoot Heartworms with a Shot



Parvo is Still Around - Protect your Dog

Dr. Foote had put this article in our local papers last August. Sad to say, there have been parvo cases outbreaking again! Please read the following article and schedule an appointment for booster!

There has been an outbreak of parvovirus in Champaign County and Douglas County. Fortunately there has not yet been a severe epidemic but it could be possible if dog owners do not help limit the spread of this serious disease. Parvo is one of the core vaccinations all dogs need to receive at appropriate times throughout their life. Vaccination has helped to prevent and limit the spread of Parvo in our pet dogs. If you have not had your dog to the veterinarian for booster vaccination, it is very important for you to get your dog checked up and discuss vaccination with your veterinarian. If you do not have a veterinarian, most veterinarians in the area will gladly fit your pet in for exam and vaccination.

Parvo virus is spread by the stool or vomit of an infected animal. Dogs are the primary pet infected, but other wild canids such as coyotes can carry the virus. Squirrels may carry the infection from one yard to another when they run through infected soil and carry it on their feet. Parvo can live for a short while outside of the body. Free roaming dogs, or dogs that are just "let out" to go in the yard are at the most risk of exposure.

Puppies, older dogs or dogs with other health problems are at the highest risk of infection. Puppies do not have all the protection from vaccines and often have worms that complicate Parvo virus infection. Older dogs have a less protective immune system, and may also have other health problems that make it harder to fight off infection.

Parvo infection signs typically include vomiting, diarrhea, fever, lethargy and dehydration. The disease spreads rapidly through the body so it is important that you do not wait to get to the veterinarian. Survival depends on the age of the dog, if it has ever been vaccinated, if there are worms also present, or other concurrent disease.

Protect your dog by keeping up with wellness exams, vaccinations and parasite prevention. Walk your dog on leash to prevent spreading any possible disease, and know where your pet has been. Not all sick dogs have Parvo so it is important to get veterinary care early to be sure of the diagnosis.

You can read more about parvo under our pet library or our Parvo article.



Top 7 Things to do for Storm Settling and Safety

  1. When it is not stormy out, toss treats and occasionally feed your dog in the basement,bathroom or other safe room for a storm. This makes it fun not scary to go in there before and during a storm.

  2. Put rap, Latin dance, disco or rock music from the 60s to the 80s with a regular danceable beat heavy in the base. No high pitched singers or guitars. No TV. Find the oldies station and play only that one. The beat is what keeps your pet's heart rate at a slower pace to keep them calm.

  3. Stuff a Kong toy with canned food and keep in the freezer. When the first winds pick up, toss this in the safe room to keep your dog distracted and rewarded for being calm.

  4. Try a tight fitting T shirt or a Thunder shirt when the first signs of a storm appears. Keep the shirt on them until after the storm has passed.

  5. Use Adaptic collars or DAP spray on a bandana on storm days. Keep the bandana refreshed with spray 2 - 3times a day. Use this early, at the first signs of storms.

  6. Ask your veterinarian about non tranquilizer anxiety reducing medications and supplements that help dogs be less fearful. There are different combinations of medications that can help severely affected pets that do not drug them up. Alprazolam, Reconcile, Clomicalm, Theonine are a few.

  7. Stay calm yourself, do not scold your pet or put them in a crate that they hate. Allow the pet to go where they are most calm even if it is under the bed. 

Always have your dog or cat wear an Identification tag and have your pet micro chipped. In severe storms pets can escape from the home and without identification how will they get back home to you? 

For more Storm help download Butterscotch's Playlist and read Thunderstorm Nightmares No More on Dr. Foote's blog. 


Now Butterscotch is happy and calm during storms



Shoot Heartworms with a Shot

Tired of having to remember to give your dog his or her heartworm prevention? Wish there was an easier way to protect your dog? Well, the heartworm prevition shot (Proheart) is back! We are excited to offer this great option to our dog owners. We know how hectic life can be and it is easy to forget your pet's medication. We can help you by giving your dog a twice a year injection. Proheart provides your dog with 6 months of protection from heartworm disease. You don't have to give a monthly heartworm pill! 

Proheart is an injection your dog gets every 6 months to protect him or her from heartworms. Mosquitos are out now so bring your pet in to get a Proheart injection. After discussing the benefits and risks of Proheart we will run a heartworm test before giving your pet the injection. Proheart is safe with other medications and is safe for many types of dogs. If your pet is sick or thin, we need to resolve those problems before giving Proheart.

As with any medication, there are possible side effects. We will discuss these with you at your appointment. For more information about Proheart, visit their website.

Call or email us to set up an appointment or to answer your questions.


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