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Save Money and Time with Preventative Health Care for your Pets



Health care for pets is important and does carry a cost. There are vaccinations, various tests, medications, and examinations that are needed to maintain your pet's health and prevent problems. Some care, such as rabies vaccination is required by law to protect the human and animal's health. Not all care is required by law, but is a part of responsible pet ownership.There are ways to help budget the cost of care for your pet. No one is made of money, and your veterinary staff wants to help how they can. 

First of all, talk to your veterinarian about what you can afford.  There are risks and costs of omitting care so find that out before you keep putting off that appointment. Veterinarians and their staff are well prepared to discuss costs. The staff is not likely to recommend omitting care, but may offer realistic solutions. Heartworm products may be sold by the month rather than 6 months at a time or vaccination appointments can be divided over time. Pet insurance is available and may be an option for some. Some clinics offer pre payment, like a gift card, for care under your pet's account. This could be a very meaningful and appreciated Christmas gift for someone.

There are credit companies now that offer a health credit card. Veterinarians as well as Dentists, Doctors and other health providers participate in Care Credit. This company will approve you for a line of credit that can be used at any of these providers that participate to help spread out the cost of care. Care Credit offers zero interest charges and billing charges for the first 6 months of the payment plan. This can be a great way to manage your monthly budgeting for pet and personal care where insurance is not helping you out. You can look up what providers in your area participate by going to www.carecredit.com, or ask if your clinic participates. Our clinic offers this as a payment option for our clients.

Waiting to have your pet examined can result in a higher care costs.  Even if some tests have to be postponed, the physical exam can be the most cost effective way to stay on top of problems. Follow your veterinarian's advice to keep your pet healthy.

Often in stressful times such as recessions our pets are our biggest help. They love us unconditionally when we are laid off, have hours cut, investments plunge, or just everything seems so bleak. They just ask for kindness, a warm place to live and a little attention to keep them well. For what they give us back they are worth taking of. Please keep pets healthy and a part of your life.

- written by Dr. Sally Foote

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