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Managing Mud with Bella

Managing Mud with Bella                                                      

Bella with a flowerI have an active dog, Bella, who loves to play ball in the yard. It is kind of tough to do that now with mud all around. Even walking is a bit of a job to avoid clumps of mud that gets on her paws or puddles to step in. When Bella does not get her walks, she goes a little stir crazy. So, here are some of the ways I have found to take her on walks and give her exercise while maintaining my own sanity.

  1. I keep an old towel, treats, and a place to hook the leash onto (door knob is okay) for easy cleanup. I hook her leash to the door knob, grab a few small tidbits of treats and feed her those as I wipe up her feet. This way she has something good happening for the cleaning and does not struggle. Few dogs like to have their feet handled so it is really important to give them something good while you do this - as puppies and adults.
  2. Bella is a short haired dog so she does not pick up as much mud as others. If you have a long hair dog - trim this hair short
  3. Minimal yard time until the grass grows. Walks are really interesting now anyway since the smells of spring are coming forth. 

Bella gets  bored more easily now because of the limited time outside. Food puzzles are her friend! Bella never eats out of a bowl - only these toys that are filled with her meal. She has to knock these around to work her food out. It is a great way to exercise her brain and her body when it is a mess outside. 

Good luck and let me know how you cope with the Mud of March!

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