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In addition to the Pet Health Care Library, we have provided the following links to websites that provide some great information on a variety of topics related to veterinary medicine and pet health care. We will update this page frequently, and would love to hear your ideas on links that you would like to see us add to this page to share with other pet owners. Feel free to send us your favorites. If we like them, we will add them to our list!


     Online Pharmacy  Purchase your pet's medications online through a reputable pharmacy. 

     Dr. Foote's YouTube channel  Watch videos about behavior and pet health care.

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    Know your Pet  Read Dr. Foote's blog about pet care and behavior.

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    Behavior Links
    Shelters, Rescues and Humane Groups
    Pet Care
    Pet Food and Homemade Diets
    Emergency and Poison Control
    Traveling with Pets
    Pet Stores and Supplies
    Make your own Pet Beds, Toys and More
    Pet Loss and Memorials
    Animal Related Items for People

    Behavior Links

    • Sophia Yin   Read information about behavior along with her blog.

    • Animal Behavior Network   Lots of helpful information about pet behavior. Membership for one year is free to our clients.

    • Gentle Leader Instructional Video  View the instructional video at Pet Safe's website.

    • AVSAB   Information about the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

    • Bite Prevention   Video about preventing bites. Great for kids to learn W.A.I.T.

    • Nina Ottosson's Pet Food Puzzles  Visit her website for information about food puzzles, how to use them and where to purchase her puzzles.

    • Kong   Food puzzles and toys.

    • PetSafe   Food puzzles, Gentle Leaders, Easy Walk Harness, toys and more.

      Shelters, Rescues and Humane Groups

    • Hands 4 Paws   Humane group started in 2006 here in Douglas County. They educate people about proper pet care and responsible pet ownership. Their goal is to build a new shelter for unowned dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals in this county.

    • Pet Partners   Read about a non profit who helps people live healthier and happierlives by incorporating therapy, service and companion animals into their lives. 

      Pet Care

    • Partners in Animal Health   Cat Videos  View videos about giving your cat a pill, brushing cat's teeth, caring for a diabetic cat and many more topics.

    • The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)   Lots of pictures and information on cat breeds, cat care, upcoming cat shows, and much more. 

    • American Association of Feline Practitioners  The AAFP is like the American Medical Association for cat doctors, and has lots of good information regarding feline health. 

    • American Kennel Club (AKC)  Lots of pictures and information about dog breeds, dog care, dog shows and more.

    • Choosing a new puppy  This is a nice starter guide of things that you should consider when you are thinking about getting a puppy. 

    • Breeds of Dogs   A quick reference guide to many breeds of dogs, including photos and brief descriptions of each breed's characteristics.

    • Companion Animal Parasite Council   Information on parasites that your pet may carry and transmit to you.

    • Heartworm Society   Everything you ever wanted to know about heartworm disease can be found here!

    • West Nile Virus   This site is maintained by the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, and has the latest information on the spread of West Nile Virus in the US, as well as information on disease transmission, symptoms, etc.   

    • Pet Fit   Information on helping your over weight pets lose weight. Also has an owner support area. Watch videos of pets who have successfully lost weight.

    • American Veterinary Medical Association   Information about the veterinary field and related topics.

    •  Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association   Information about pet care and health. Also information about veterinary medicine.

    • USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service   The USDA maintains this website with information on a variety of animal health related topics, including the latest news on such things as Mad Cow Diseases, foot and mouth disease, and many other things.   

    • Zoetis   Information on Revolution, flea and heartworm prevention.   

    • Merial  Sponsored by the makers of Frontline, flea and tick control, and Heartgard, heartworm prevention.  

    Pet Food and Homemade Diets

    • Hills   Food information for dogs and cats. Also has information on pet care. 

    • Iams   Food information for dogs and cats. Also has information on pet care.

    • Royal Canin   Food information for dogs and cats. Also has information on pet care.

    • Purina   Food information for dogs and cats. Also has information on pet care.

    • Balance IT  Get a custom homemade diet recipe for your pet. Site run by a Veterinary Nutritionist.
    • PetDiets   Information about food and you can get a custom homemade diet recipe. Site run by a board of Veterinary Nutritionists.
    • Nutrition from Nose to Tail   Information about pet food nutrients and how they are used in your pet's body.

    Emergency and Poison Control

    • Animal Emergency Clinic   Emergency clinic located in Champaign. They are open Monday through Friday from 6:00 pm until 8:00 am and are open 24 hours a day on weekends and holidays.

      Traveling with Pets

    • Bring Fido Find information on pet friendly hotels.

      Pet Stores and Supplies

    • Prairieland Feeds   Pet store located in Savoy that carries many types of toys, harnesses, food, litter and other pet care items.

    • Fletchers   Pet store located in Charleston that carries toys, harnesses, food, litter and other pet care items.

    • Yap Wrap   Store offers jackets for smaller dogs. The jackets allow the leash to attach to the jacket. This prevents pulling on the throat and causing problems for small dogs. The jackets also features a handle so you can pick up your dog.

    • Modern Cat   Modern beds, towers and other cat furniture. Also has a section on homemade furniture.

    • The Refined Feline   Cat beds, towers and more.

    • The Cat's Trapeze    Hanging bed for cats.

    • The Vertical Cat   Cat trees, shelves, stairs and more.

    • The Cat and Kitten Store   Cat trees, toys, grooming and many other items.

    • Millie and Bo's Barkery   Gourmet pet treats, gifts and more. 10% of the profit on each order goes to help animals.

      Make Your Own Pet Beds, Toys and More

    • Ikea Hacker   Convert furniture into pet furniture.

    • PetDIYs   Make your own pet furniture, toys, treats and more.

      Pet Loss and Memorials

    • Paws & Remember   A local business in Champaign that has pet memorial products. You can post a story about your pet or get information on dealing with the loss of your pet.

    • C.A.R.E. Pet Loss Helpline  Talk to someone who understands what you are going through. Based at the U of I.

    • Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement   We have all experienced the pain of losing a pet. The Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement has set up this site for support during this most difficult time. You will find inspirational stories, grief counseling resources, hotline number and many other resources.  

    • Rainbow Bridge    Anyone who has ever lost a pet should visit this wonderful site. It is a terrific tribute to our lost family members. 

    • 4 Paws Forever   Pet memorial stones, jewelry, urns and other products.

    Animal Related Items for People

    • Dogtown Artworks   Local author and photographer published humorous books about "dog people" Earl and Pearl and their adventures.

    • The Wrist Works   Local artist who makes pet and animal designed jewelry.


    • Veterinary Information Network   VIN is the world's first and largest online veterinary community.   
    • eVetSite Systems makes it easy for veterinarians or their staff to create a professional and educational veterinary hospital website. eVetSite Systems makes web site design easy and affordable!

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