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   New Calicivirus in Cats  

A new strain of the Calicivirus has started to affect cats in our area. Calicivirus is a virus that affects the respiratroy system, which includes the lungs. The traditional virus causes a runny nose, sneezing, swelling around the eyes. The new strain causes some of the same symptoms and some more severe symptoms. This new strain of Calicivirus is called Virulent Systemic Calicivirus and is very serious. It is as serious to cats as Parvo is to Dogs. Half of the cats who become sick will die within two days. 

Symptoms include sores on the tongue head and body, hair loss and skin lesions, runny nose, swelling in the face or legs and high fever. Symptoms usually appear one to five days after your cat has been exposed to the virus. However, some cats may not show signs until 12 days later. 

The virus spreads easily from one cat to another. The virus is on the hair, dander, saliva, tears, nasal discharge, urine and stool. People can also spread the virus by petting an infected cat and then petting a healthy cat. People can also spread the virus by touching a sick cat and then touching an object that other people will touch, such as a door knob, and then the second person can touch and infect their cat. People cannot become sick from Calicivirus.

We can vaccinate your cat with new vaccine was introduced this summer. Every cat should be vaccinated for this deadly disease. Especially those that live with other cats or are around other cats, cats that board or are groomed.

If you believe your cat may have been infected or is sick, call us immediately. We can hospitalize your cat and begin treatment.

 - written by Dr. Sally J. Foote

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