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    Behavior Articles for Dogs   



Read behavior articles on a variety of topics. Click on the links below or to the left to view the articles. Articles were written by Dr. Sally J. Foote.


Raising a New Pet & Introducing a New Pet to Current Pets

Choosing a Pet - What to consider before purchasing a new pet.

Top 10 ways to blend a new dog into the family - Helping your new pet get along with your current pets.

Introducing Doggie Siblings - Help both dogs adjust when you bring a new dog home.

Calm, Friendly, Unafraid Pup - Socializing your puppy helps prevent future behavior problems with your dog.

Fight over Food - Why you shouldn't feed your dogs from the same bowl.

Pets Need to Meet and Greet Too - Learn about the importance of socializing your puppy and young dog. Learn why puppy classes are important.

Rescue my Rescue - Helping your newly adopted pet become adjusted in your home. This article focuses on rescue animals, but any animal can benefit from these tips.

When Love is Not Enough - Providing a safe, loving home for your rescued pet may not be enough to help with behavior problems.

Potty Training - Praise or Punishment - Does praise or punishment work better for potty training? Read this article to find out.

Potty Primer for Puppies - Learn how to potty train puppies.

Whining Puppies - Is it Such a Big Deal - Why do puppies whine? Is it normal? Should you worry?


Pets and Children

Top 10 Ways to Keep Children and Pets Safe Together - Learn what you can do to keep children and pets safe when they are together.


Body Language

Do You Speak Dog? - Learn how to start to read your dog's body language.

Scared Scary Dogs - Learn about a fearful dog's body language. 


Unwanted Bad Behaviors

Hyper Dogs - Dealing with high energy dogs.

Super Active Dogs - Tips for your high energy dog.

Jumping During Greetings - Learn why dogs jump and how to stop it.

Counter Cruising - Why your dog and cat like to get on counters and what you can do to stop it.

Why did my Dog Eat That? - What motivates dogs to eat garbage, tv remotes and other objects.

Behavior Gadgets that Backfire - Do electronic, citronella, ultrasound collars and other punishing products really work?

Fear, Anxiety & Aggression

   How can I help my Timid Dog be more Sociable?

Are Mean Dogs Really Mean - Learn a little about aggression and how to prevent aggression in your own pet.

Watch How you Play - Learn why you should play rough with your dog or let your dog play rough with other dogs.

Pheromones - Learn what pheromones are and how they can help your pet.

Everyone have a Happy Holiday, Pets Too - Keeping your pet's stress level down during the holidays.

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Fear of Loud Noises (including Storms & Fireworks) - Help your dog during times of loud noises, including storms and fireworks

Fear of Thunderstorms - Learn about the fear of thunderstorms and how you can help your pet.

Scared of Storms - Help your pet during thunderstorm season.

Top 7 Storm Tips - Learn what you can do before and during storms to help your pet.

Tornado/Storm Safety for Pets - Help your pet be less afraid during storms.

Fear of Fireworks - Help your pet who is afraid of fireworks.

Preventing Bites - Learn the two most important questions to help prevent dogs and cat bites.

Preventing Dog Bites: What to Tell the Kids - Learn how to help keep children safe around dogs.

Pay Attention to Prevent Dog Bites - Prevent dog bites by paying attention to your dog.

Killer Dogs - Predation and Predatory Aggression in Pets - Learn why pets will hunt and kill other animals. And learn how to keep your baby safe.

When Pain Looks like Fear - Sometimes a dog that looks afraid may actually be in pain.

Please Don't Leave Me! - Learn about Separation Anxiety, Fun and Frustration.

Ladder of Aggression - See the steps leading up to a bite.


Preventing  Boredom

Cabin Fever- Erich your pet's environment to help combat the boredom of being inside during the winter weather.

Prevent Summer Boredom - Toys, training and other tips to help keep your pet's mind and body active. 

Play with Your Food - Toys that you can put your pet's food into to keep your pet's mind and body active.


Going to the Veterinary Clinic

Putting our Patients First - Learn what vet clinics can do to help reduce your pet's stress level at their office.


Various Topics

Back to School Stress in Pets - Your change in schedule can affect your pets.

What do you say to your Grandchildren? RIP Harambe - Read about the tragic story of Harambe and the boy who fell into his exhibit.

After the Bite Post Traumatic Stress - Bite can cause trauma to your body and also stress on your mind. 

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