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10 Things to Know about Worms


1. Most worms are not seen in the stool. When we ask for a stool sample, we run a test to check for worm eggs under the microscope. The adult worm is back in the body where it wants to stay.

2. The two most common worms, hooks and round worms, are commonly found in the soil in parks, playgrounds, and backyards. Eating the soil, which usually happens when eating grass, is a common way for pets to become infected.

3. Worms are easy to treat and prevent using prescription medications, monthly heartworm/intestinal worm preventative.

4. People can get worms, especially the hookworm. Roundworm infection in children can cause blindness. Protecting our pets from worms helps to keep us protected.

5. Fleas infect dogs and cats with tapeworms. The stool test will not always find the tapeworm, so if your pet has had fleas, have your veterinarian treat your pet for tapeworms.

6. Heartworms are in the heart, not the bowels.

7. Cats can also get heartworm, but dogs are the primary pet infected.

8. Missing the monthly doses of heartworm prevention will put your pet at risk for contracting heartworm.

9. Mosquitoes carry heartworm from one dog to another. Your dog does not have to be near another dog to get heartworm, just around mosquitoes.

10. Many pets that are healthy looking are infected with worms, so have your pet's stool checked twice yearly to prevent problems.

These facts reference the most common comments, questions and misunderstandings we hear about concerning worms. To learn more, read the
worm article on our web site. Worm infestations do not have to be a scary, horrible problem for you and your pet. The best course of action for both of you is prevention, through regular testing and worming.

- written by Dr. Sally Foote

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